About Ama Select

At Ama Select we are passionate about designs inspired by African culture particularly that of Kente and African print fabric, and we want to share that passion with you!
Our mission is to be a leader in the campaign for providing Kente and African inspired products that meet the high standards of quality expected by our customers.

Ama Select Kente cloth

About Kente
Kente is a fabric native to the Ashanti people of Ghana, West Africa. It is made by hand weaving cotton yarns typically in strips that are then sewn together to make a larger cloth. Kente cloth is traditionally worn by the royals and the elite during important events. 
A unique feature of the Kente cloth is that each pattern design has a name and a special meaning, and each of the colours used (which ranges from black to yellow to a total number of 12 colours) represent a significant meaning of royalty, purification, fertility, maturity, harmony, polities, sacrifice and death.
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